Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic

Main Address: 525 East 68th Street, Manhattan, NY 10065

Women’s Clinic

Women’s Clinic provides diagnostic evaluations, treatment consultations and medication management for mental health issues that are unique to women; such as pregnancy loss, infertility, and postpartum mood disorder

Phone: (212) 746-4850

Cognitive Therapy Clinic

Cognitive Therapy Clinic (CTC) at 61st Street offers time-limited focused cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. The CTC provides treatment for specific problems such as depression, anxiety, stressful life events, loss, family and relationship problems and chronic pain. In addition, the CTC offers various training programs for weight loss, stress management and smoking cessation.

Phone: (212) 821-0775

Child & Adolescent Clinic

Child & Adolescent Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments, individual psychotherapy, medication management and behavioral parent training based upon individual treatment needs and availability. The Child & Adolescent Clinic has specialty areas for the treatment of anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic disorders and other related conditions.

Phone: (888) 694-5700

Adult Clinic

Adult Clinic offers time-limited individual, group, couple and family treatment, and medication management based on individual treatment needs and availability.

(888) 694-5700