Parenting Educational Programs


1-2-3 Magic  
A parent discipline strategy is taught to parents using a book and DVD which may be presented to parents individually or in groups. The program is designed to help parents remove secondary reinforcers from their discipline methods that have the effect of annoying or otherwise unsettling to the parent(s). Described as “Stop” behaviors, the program advises parents to use short, three step counts to interrupt behaviors and then the use of Time Outs and similar restrictions to encourage behavioral change. Motivational strategies are discussed to encourage “start” behaviors, which are behaviors parents do not see their children engaged in enough. Appropriate for toddlers and children up to teen years. The program is not
designed to provide instruction in any other areas of parenting so it has limited applicability and should not be used as a stand alone program if there are other parental needs. Program is available in English and Spanish.  Costs are only for materials. Parenting Toddlers to Teens Book and DVD-$146.88; Managing Difficult Behavior-$39.95. 

Children’s Aid Society Families for Reunification Parenting Skills Program  
This program aims to teach parents the skill they need to parent children while they are in out of home care in the service of reunification or other appropriate permanency plan. More than teaching discreet parenting skills, this program teaches: critical thinking; self advocacy and parents’ rights; knowledge of attachment and loss; strategies for successful visiting; building relationships with foster parents; child development and child management skills; safety; and parent self care. The curriculum is run as a process driven group and requires a skilled group worker. Although this curriculum is not evidence based, it has been included because it is one of the few specifically aimed at children in out of home placement. Cost is free.

EPIC: Every Person Influences a Child  
Conducted in a group setting, the basic EPIC curriculum focuses on preparing parents for positive parenting with respect to the family’s functioning and the children’s educational needs. Its core parenting program, Pathways to Parenting, develops parenting skills, parent advocacy around educational issues, and parent leadership. The curriculum focuses on social, emotional, and literacy development while allowing the parent to explore him/herself not only as a parent but as a person. This basic program appears to be most useful for parents of school aged children. One of EPIC’s specialty programs is the At Risk Parenting Program. This program is described in the website as “workshops for parents with challenges.” These challenges include, but are not limited to, parents who have lost or at risk of losing their children through the child protection system. These parents can be involved with substance use/ abuse, emotional health issues, domestic violence, criminal background, etc. They face or experience personal situations which compromise their ability to provide parental guidance that protects the basic needs of their children. The goal for this population is to keep them moving towards achieving their personal goals as individuals and
as parents. Parental isolation, poor parenting role models, lack of positive parenting skills, family stress, and lack of parent/child bonding are a few of the factors EPIC addresses through parenting education groups. Costs range for different programs from $15 to $25.  

Incredible Years  
This is a prevention/intervention program for parents and teachers of children 3-12 years
old. Videotapes and facilitated discussions are delivered in a group format. The parent programs are grouped according to child’s age. The curriculum includes 12-14 sessions, two hours each. This program focuses on strengthening parent competencies. This program uses developmental theory that stresses multiple interactive risk and protective factors. Positive discipline approach is taught. The goal is
to promote children’s academic, social, and emotional competencies as well as reduce conduct problems in schools and at home. This program is usually used in preventive settings. Preference is for parent to partner with a facilitator. The program is available in Spanish. Costs vary dependent on size of group and how much material is needed.

Nurturing Parents  
This program is delivered through a DVD and a series of workbooks that are designed for use by participant parents and children. The program includes 80 sessions for parents covering 18 different competency areas. The parallel program or children includes 85 lessons. The sessions can be combined in different ways depending on the needs of a particular family. The lessons are competency based and designed to help adults acquire knowledge and skills to improve overall parenting and prevent child abuse and neglect. Best used in preventive settings, the program is designed as an individual intervention but can be adapted for groups. It is strength based and the documents are clear and accessible. The focus is on young children as opposed to adolescents Program is available in Spanish. Cost for the implementation manual is $30. The cost for each parent handbook is $15.