Hudson Guild

Mental Health Services

Hudson Guild’s Mental Health Services provide a broad array of mental health prevention and intervention services, in our own facilities and out in the community. Our therapists work with children, adults and families, individually and in groups, in our offices, in schools and in residential buildings. For more information on each of the clinics and the Clinton Housing Development, click on the link above.

For questions about Intake at the clinics, contact Juliana Neiman:

Contact Phone: (212) 760-9822

Contact Email:

Paula Balser Clinic

Address: 441 West 26th Street, Manhattan, NY 10001

(212) 760-9822

James Baldwin

Address: HS351 West 18th Street, Manhattan, NY 10011

(212) 627-2812

William McKinley

Address: HS121 East 3rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10009

Clinton Housing Development

Address: 353 West 30th Street, Manhattan, NY 10001