Because every child
deserves a home.

2012 Holiday Appeal

Every year, thousands of children are removed from abusive homes only to be placed in a foster care system that leaves them wandering alone in emotional limbo while the courts determine their fates.  For over three decades, New York City Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) has remained steadfast in its mission: moving children out of foster care and placing them into safe, permanent and loving homes where they can thrive.

CASA advocates provide individualized, one-on-one attention for each child assigned. Through such dedicated care, our most vulnerable children know that they can count on a caring adult advocate during a difficult journey, and that there is hope for their future.

In 2012, CASA’s professional social work and legal staff and over 120 highly trained volunteers advocated on behalf of over 1,500 children and youth in New York City’s foster care system.  CASA volunteers advocate in family court for the real-time needs of the city’s foster children, ensuring that all emotional, mental and physical needs are being met, while also providing hands-on assistance with education, employment and living plans. Just speaking with an advocate can have an enormously positive impact on the lives of these often frightened—at times hopeless—children.  It is no surprise that each year NYC’s Family Court judges hold CASA in the highest esteem and assign their most heartbreaking cases specifically to the program.

As a volunteer-based organization, CASA is uniquely efficient in the delivery of its mission.  In fact, more than 80 cents of every dollar raised is spent on services for foster children each year. CASA’s services are provided annually for only $720 per youth.  A commitment of just $2 per day makes it possible for an at-risk child to thrive during a difficult time and begin to develop the skills necessary for a healthy transition to adulthood.  Focusing on at-risk children saves our society thousands of dollars in future costs related to a range of issues, such as mental health treatment, drug addiction, homeless services, or incarceration.

We believe CASA changes the world, one child at a time. So please consider supporting one child for a year through a tax deductible donation of $720, one month ($60) – or give what you can.  CASA supporters feel the emotional glow that comes from helping hundreds of at-risk and vulnerable children and strengthening an organization that makes the world a better place for us all.


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